Saturday , July 31 2021

This is the way DC Comics honors Stan Lee

Respect will appear in the first series of comics of this year 2019.

One of the biggest losses in the last year was undoubtedly the one of Stan Lee who died on November 12 after complications in his health after the fight against pneumonia, leaving a huge gap in the world of comics and the entertainment industry in general.

Although there is a strong rivalry between the Marvel comics and DC Comics, we have the house of Batman and Superman showing his respect for the great Stan Lee by publishing emotional respect for the creator of many iconic characters (through ComicBook).

In the first group of his comics for this year 2019, DC Comics will include the publication that you can see below where you can read: "With the greatest respect from the Honorable contest … Excelsior! In memory of Stan Lee. 1922-2018. "

DC Comics

It should be remembered that Stan Lee also worked for some time in DC Comics and always had mutual respect, for even he called DC as a "Distinguished Match", as mentioned in honor.

Stan Lee

In short, a great gesture of loyalty by Washington.

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