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This is a program that returns Raphael Aradeda to Quinta Vergara

Sitting in one of Fox's offices in Vitokaura, Rafael Aradeda says that "I never complained about being a new bird, I was on several occasions." And it shows. The animator is satisfied with his new television station and says that this year he will undertake several projects at the Fox Networks Group, but the starting point will be La Preva, the new satellite program that prepares the Viña 2019 chain, the first Festival to be broadcast next to TVN and Channel 13.

"During the festival, very attractive things were heard for the audience that had never been reported or transmitted, and I think Fox watches this by watching the 360-degree festival. We will transform into display places that were previously unavailable because they have no idea what happens behind the scenes, in the corridors and behind the scenes. And we will not only be in Quinta, but also in the hotels, transfers and movements of artists through the streets of Vijaya del Mar, without being invasive. Everything will be friendly, but we want to have the presence of all of me th, "he said of the space, which will be played between 20 and 21:30, 24 February to 1 March, by Fox Channel for Chile. For the entire region, in turn, will be exposed by Fox Life.

In review, Aradeda will have six days with the model and Colombian presenter Paulina Vega, at the same place where he was the animator of the event for eight years through the screen of Chileis. Returning to Quinta Vergara from another path does not mean nostalgia, he says, "instead it brings joy, fun, celebration and new opportunities. It is an opportunity to reach 60 million homes and a great challenge. We need to do it well, because we need to we can fascinate and show our Festival ". And he continues: "Our challenge is to Viona, in her 60s, coverage at a regional level that she has not and done before that has never been done."

Both drivers will be in the room, but the main goal of the project is mobility so that they will have cameras of all types located in different parts of the city, where various areas related to the De Vanja Festival, its artists, jury, public and animators. After each transmission starts, at 21:00, the animator will continue on the screen for several minutes. "I understand that I am released after the first artist, but the transfer continues, and that is why we will make a post with Kamila Stvordo, 60 years deserving detailed coverage." We will make connections at the moments needed during the broadcast for the whole regional bloc, if the commercial decline lasts 10 minutes, Fox lasts four. We have six minutes, where our professionals can approach some of the artists and things that happen right there. "

No competition

Channel 13 and TVN are also preparing their satellite program, Échale la culpa a Viña, with Francisco Garcia-Huébido and Cristian Sánchez of the Sheraton Miramar Hotel. If you see competition in this space, Aradeda is clear: "I think they are absolutely different programs. What we do not see is another tone, another rhythm, another structure. It aims to influence the audience that is beyond our borders, and that's why we have to make a more global, less local program. " For the same reason, he says he has returned to practicing his neutral Spanish.

Leaving aside for a moment his new role in the appointment, Aradeda acknowledges that the day he is the most anticipated is Backstreet Boys. "Last year we tried to bring them and that did not work. Not only that, Marcela (Vakaresca, his wife) slid and came out that they came, and finally we ended up laughing at the situation," he recalls.

Paulina Vega, meanwhile, will arrive in Chile in the coming days and does not hide her enthusiasm when she confirms that "it is a dream come true to present La previus in Vija, even more in the hands of Fox. Being part of the greatest Latin Festival in the World It will be a unique and unforgettable experience. "

Vanja 2019 breaks record sales and expires two nights

Due to social network reaction, some anticipated quick ticket sales for the night of "Backstreet Boys" in Vanja, set on February 28th. But quintet lovers surpassed all expectations: after pre-ticket sales last Tuesday, which only reached a few minutes, the general sales for that day opened yesterday, and the ticket is sold for two hours. In fact, at some points of sale in Vijaya del Mar there were long queues to buy an entrance (see figure).

Meanwhile, the inaugural night of the match, featuring Wisin y Yandel, Felipe Avelo and Sebastian Jatra, did the same for five hours. Both cases constitute what the organization calls the "historical record", because never before the appointment did not spend two days in such a few hours. All in all, tickets can still be purchased for the remaining nights (February 25, 26 and 27 and March 1) through the Puntoticket system.

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