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This is a declaration of love that was hidden (too good) in the Super Metroid

Super Metro It is one of the key titles of the Super Nintendo catalog for many reasons. However, among the thousands of dangers that are hidden on the planet Zebes, there is also room love note. Literally Although finding is practically impossible.

The author of this message is Yasuhiko Fuji, the classic SNES metroidvania programmer who confesses this romantic Easter egg during an interview published in the book Game Shocking Tom 1 since 2007 and was recently restored and translated from sculptures.

The content of the same, as stated by GameXplain, are just two words that were followed on the screen without players or just Nintendo was aware of them: Keiko Love!To be Kayko then several young Fuji.

According to Fuji himself, these words were traced in the air by two Evir, flying enemies, just before the fight against Daigon.

Fujii02 Cut the original publication that includes the dance of the enemies

But best of all, what motivated him to have this little detail with Kayko: as he spent a lot of time, he worked hard to see him, so he managed to program this declaration of love during development. Suffer!

In fact, just before the fight with Draygon, the head of Maridia, there is a group of Evir enemies that make a kind of "dance". His movements, in fact, follow the letters of the sentence in English: "Keiko Love"! Keiko was the name of a girl I was hanging out at that time.

I was busy working all the time and I could not see much, so during the night, while everyone slept in the office, I stole a moment and added that code!

This little Eurir dance was not written in the planning documents or anywhere else, so I remember that my heart was a thousand an hour as I encoded it, with concern that they found me. But in the end, nobody discovered it. Now is not that a romantic story? (laughs)

The result? You can check it briefly in the mark 2:10:00 on the next long game. I admit, the flight of those enemies was never too normal. And now we have why.

It is clear that there are more romantic ways to show your love for someone, but, of course, it is very complicated to do so in a more subtle way.

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