Monday , August 2 2021

Thinking about Copa America: Chile will go for "their vengeance" against Peru in Lima in preparation Football

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Cristobal Escobar | UN agency

He wants revenge. On Chilean football team it will be close to "sewing" of an important preparatory duel that it faces American Cup next year.

It is about Peru, rival who gave him 3 to 0 at La Roya in Miami this year, a lawsuit that complicated the time of Reinaldo Rueda at that time.

According to the Peruvian sports daily El Libero, negotiations will be on track and there will be only a few things to close.

"The National Board has entered into talks with their Chilean counterparts to negotiate a new friendly, taking into account the success of the organization of the last duel is contested in Miami in October, which ended with 3: 0 in favor of Blankirroa, "the said funds said.

Specifically, the announcement shows that the confrontation it will happen in June, on the last date of FIFA before the continental tournament to be held in Brazil.

"With Argentina there is already an approach to confront them in Europe and with Chile will be played at the National Stadium from Lima, "they added.

In case the negotiations fail, Peru will consider Columbia as "Plan B".

On the Chilean side, you have to remember that ANFP has "moored" clashes with Mexico and the United States for the month of March.

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