Sunday , August 1 2021

"They were playing with my name; they dumped me in a very bad way"

The renowned Racing Racing, Marcelo Diaz, he referred to his participation in the men's national team, and noted some criticism of the treatment he claims to have received.

"Everyone knows how my name has been played lately in Chile. What I dare say is that they have lauded me in a very bad way, "Diaz said at a conference in our country.

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In addition, he assured that this is the reason why he will not submit statements about the election. "Technician making decisions", added the player.

According to Al Aire Libre de Cooperativa, the player refers to comments against him that have recently been circulating, which are related to reveal details of what is happening internally at the campus.

"I'm not hurt or I'm horrified by anyone. I'm not bad milk. I do not have to answer any kind of this kind, without damaging or directing a finger to anyone, "said Diaz.

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"You know perfectly (who was). I do not need to answer. The best answer I have is to close, stay on the sidelines, and think about football only and dedicate yourself to what is appropriate, "said the midfielder.

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