Sunday , April 11 2021

They steal computers from the offices of the church of Evangelical Bishop Eduardo Duran

In the early hours of this Friday, the offices of the church of Pentecostal Methodist Bishop Eduardo Duran Castro endured theft of species.

Carabineros is investigating computer theft from an office of the First Pentecostal Methodist Church.

The Human Resources Officer of the community, Juan Morales, spoke to the morning of "Bienvenodos" and said that when "he began to do the toilet, he realized that the offices were broken glass (…) The nightclub does not answer the phone, we do not know for him and the doors are not forced. "

In addition, he explained that "there are 12 offices, all are open, all glass broken and computers are missing (…) They also stole a safe that weighs about 250 kilograms."

Duran is under investigation for allegedly laundering funds, due to his large inheritance, by the Office of High Complexity East.

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