Monday , August 2 2021

They represent a new drone that can carry a person: it will reach 100 km / h Technology

With the advancement of technology, humanity can now begin to fulfill the fantasy that it can manage a flying vehicle. Here's how it's presented Hexa, an unmanned spacecraft capable of transmitting a person through the air.

Hexa is an unmanned pilot with a pilot cockpit that can be controlled with joystick and iPad Pro. Its weight is nearly 200 kilograms and has 18 sets of propellers, motors and batteries in order to protect the safety of the pilot in the event of a malfunction in the power supply.

During the flight, the pilots have increased reality screen where you can see security information. Hexa can travel almost 100 kilometers per hour, as the maximum speed, there are also aerial floats, which allows you to land on water if necessary.

Other functions allow the vehicle to move from autonomous way, and in case of inconvenience while you fly, you can leave them field control be careful to take the ship away.


Matt Chassen, Executive Director LIFT aircraft, explained in an interview with the newspaper The Washington Post that "unlike traditional helicopters, with Hexa you do not need great capabilities so you can fly, because if you play the joystick, the plane will remain in the GPS position. The program is also programmed so that in the event of an unexpected event and low battery levels, the aircraft automatically returns to the place from which it flew. "

Until now you do not need a permit or special permission to deal with Hex because it is considered to be ultralight vehicle, that is, it is capable of flying at a maximum of 101 kilometers per hour and up to 365 meters in height, depending on its location.

Chasen has expressed interest in transmitting this technology to the world of city ​​transport, where the use of this type of aircraft is not yet permitted. "We will make sure that people trust our technology. Once this happens, it will be inevitable for people to use it for flights," he said.


For now, the only way to use Hexa will be 15-minute tests with a price of about $ 249 (About 173,000 Chilean pesos) on a lake located on the outskirts of Austin.

To work with Hexa, users will need to take course for teaching. This includes watching information security videos and pre-training in a virtual reality simulator before a plane can pilot.

The employer aims to have Hexas in at least 25 other cities in the United States and says he plans to provide between 3 and 5 locations secured for the next year.

Chasen does not believe that Hexa is guaranteed to be used as commercial transport, unless it is proven that they are really safe. However, the CEO confirms that "a new alternative to urban transport is likely to emerge immediately," and assures that in less than 10 years of aircraft such as Hex will fly over cities, thus ending with the pavement congestion.

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