Thursday , November 26 2020

They present the pact “Chile Digno, Verde and Sobrano” with candidates for the constituent | nationally

The parties of the command “Approve Chile Dino” this week officially presented the conformity of the conglomerate “Chile worthy, green and sovereign”, in the run-up to the conventional elections next April.

A bloc made up of the Communist Party, the Social Green Regionalist Federation, Humanitarian Action and a number of groups announced constitutive pre-candidacies.

The new name originates elections on April 11, an example in which mayors, councilors, regional governors and members of the Constituent Assembly will be elected.

In this launch, developed on the outskirts of the Museum of Contemporary Art, social movements and organizations read the community manifesto, which emphasizes the importance of the constituent process for the country.

The President of the Communist Party, Deputy Guillermo Telier, noted that at the moment the main focus of the conglomerate is on the preparation of new constitution, listening to the demands of the citizens.

This, after being consulted for the position of Deputy Humanist, Pamela iSiles, as a possible presidential candidate with the most preferences, equating himself with the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquin Lavin, with 36% of the intention to vote, according to the latest survey of Kadem Public Square.

The Chile Digno, Verde and Sobrano collective have announced their candidacies, highlighting names like comedian Daniel Haroldo, better known as “Bombo Fika”; psychologist Gonzalo Bacigalupe, lawyer Barbara Sepalveda, writer Jorge Baradit, musician Jorge Coulomb, actors Bastian Bodenhafer and Mauricio Pesutic and football coach Paula Navarro.

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