Monday , May 17 2021

They go for a "bump": Colo Colo has taken a step towards the women's finals of Libertadores against Santos | Football

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They want to give a big surprise. On female team of Colo Colo will try this feat on Thursday and will apply at the end of the day Cup of Libertadores, developed in Manos, Brazil.

The "albo" team will be measured from 9:30 am nothing less than with Brazilian saints, for many excellent contenders for the title.

Both throws were already measured in the group stage. Then the victory was for the Brazilians with 3 goals per 1.

"Cacique" comes from overcoming the last two duels of JC Sport Girls from Peru from 5 to 0 and Deportivo ITA from Bolivia with 4-2. But now the challenge is much bigger.

The second semi-final of the sporting event will be played Iranandba from Brazil with Atletico Huila of Colombia.

Recall that Colo Colo raised the Cup of this event in 2012, in a historic campaign that fans do not forget.

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