Friday , July 30 2021

They find dead Mapco lonco in the rural Ercilla

Yesterday afternoon, on a rural road, the body of Juan de Dios Mendoza Lebu, Lonco Mapuche from the Rakem Pilan community, was found in the municipality of Ersila, Araucania region.

His body appeared on a rural road, linking the community of Juan Colio and La Colonia Rodriguez, with injuries that could be murderous. The discovery of the body was done for the second time in their countries.

According to the prosecutor, Nelson Moreno confirmed that the body of the loco Juan de Dios Mendoza was found with injuries attributable to third parties. Moreno on duty, ordered the investigative police (FOIA) to conduct the appropriate tests at the scene.

The staff of the Legal Medical Service arrived at the site for the removal of the body, and with the autopsy it will determine the cause of death.

During Monday's afternoon, a series of clashes broke out between members of the community and Karabineros personnel as part of the evictions of seven farms that were taken as a protest against the death of Camilo Katrilanka, killed by police last November Ersila

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