Sunday , May 16 2021

They did not want to give him a cigarette: the subject kills young stabbing and injured seven others in Ñuñoa – National

They did not want to give him a cigarette: the case kills young people with stabbing and wounds seven others in Ñuñoa

One of the victims was at risk after being attacked at Plaza Ramón Cruz. Tvn


After 22:00 hours on Tuesday, a man killed a man from the age of 31 after creating the rampage at Ramon Cruz Square, in the municipality of Ñuñoa, which originated because they did not want to give him a cigarette.

According to the police report, everything happened after a group of friends were found to be sharing the place after participating in the game baby football

However, three other people arrived in the area ask for a cigar, which was rejected by the first, generates a violent struggle.

In this context, one of the three young people who arrived later took out reed, the one that camouflaged sharp weapons, thereby continuing to attack others involved. But it was one of his friends, trying to take the element, which got a fatal blow to the chest, dying for a few minutes.

Seven injured were added to the fatal victim, one of which is a vital risk due to the severity of his injuries.

The Karabiner personnel managed to arrest two people responsible for the incident, transferred to 18th police station at Ñuñoa.


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