Tuesday , July 27 2021

They develop a system of stimuli that restore bladder functions – Current life – the latest news from Uruguay and the world

A group from the University of Northwest, USA, tested the optoelectronic system in rodents that were caused by bladder dysfunction through drugs.

The implant includes a sensor that monitors whether the bladder is full and two LED light beams that allow the control of certain nerve cells, as well as a unit that provides power to the system and a device that records information about its operation.

The study confirms that the implant is well tolerated by mice that have not shown remarkable inflammation, weight changes or motor dysfunction seven days after the installation.

The system could automatically identify pathological models in the functioning of the bladder and turn on the light rays to stimulate certain nerves in response.

The work ensures that this intervention is allowed to restore the normal functioning of the bladder and emphasizes that if it exceeds the new tests it can be adjusted for its implantation in humans.

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