Monday , August 2 2021

They develop a "cerebral pacemaker" to treat epilepsy and Parkinson's disease

London, England

US engineers have developed a device that works as "brain pacingand can prevent tremors related neurological diseases such as Parkinson and epilepsy, according to Nature Biomedical Engineering

The device, called WAND, monitors the electrical activity of the brain and generates electricity to stimulate certain areas of that organ if it detects anomalies.

Researchers at the University of California, USA, who have designed it, believe it can be an "extremely effective" method to prevent seizures and other symptoms, although they claim that there are still years before the device can be commercialized. .

"Electrical signals that precede tremor can be extremely subtle, as are the frequency and strength of the stimulation needed to prevent them," they warn.

The team responsible for WAND plans to work over the next few years with a team of doctors to make "minor adjustments" needed to determine "the right therapy for each patient".

To show that his device can work, the team led by Ricky Miller used it to acknowledge and delay the hand movement in primates.

Muller emphasizes that the device is capable of detecting electrical signals and sending stimuli at the same time in one brain region, something that other similar devices can not do.

WAND is also capable of monitoring brain activity at 128 points simultaneously, until now, this type of detectors only managed to control eight signals at the same time.

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