Sunday , May 16 2021

They criticize Carlos Laraine to ensure that Mapuche is Argentine: "It's incredible that ignorance"

Controversial participation has today Carlos Laraine as a panellist nation-state, a space for political TVN talk.

In the midst of a discussion about the crisis that exists in the Araucanía area following the assassination of Camilo Catrillanca, the former senator of the GBR said that Ms Mutlu is actually "Argentine".

"Mapuche entered 40 years before Almagro in Chile, because they are Argentines … they come from the Argentinean pampas, now they are not Argentines of Italian origin," he said.

He added that we must not forget that in the territory of Mapuche there are "tarzans towards guns".

The networks reacted immediately. One of those who criticized the work was Senator Francisco Huencumila: "It's incredible that Carlos Laren is so ignorant of @ estadonacional. The ignorance of the Chilean elites to know history and understand political and social processes," he wrote.

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