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They broadcast unpublished images from the new season of The Walking Dead Society

FOX Premium premieres in Latin America, the new episodes of the ninth season of "Walking dead", from Sunday, February 10 at 23:00, the same night at the premiere in the United States.

Eight new episodes will complete the ninth season full of action that began in October last year. Today, FOX Premium presented new pictures of what this new half of the season will be.

In the second part of the ninth installment, the group of survivors, old and new, continues to deal with the impact of events that occurred during the six years that passed. Since the disappearance of Rick, many of these characters have become unknown to each other and, in some ways, strange to themselves.

What they know is that they face an undeniable danger. They will soon realize that the world does not function as widely as they thought. The rules of the group and the forms of survival do not guarantee their safety. The new threat has crossed the road and soon discovered that it is different from any threat they face. They will start to wonder what they think they see and what may seem normal in this post-apocalyptic world could be more disturbing and frightening than when the apocalypse broke out. The only thing they can be sure is that the coats are high and numerous.

Most eccentric fans can survive all episodes who make up eight and a half whole seasons of "Walking Dead" available for resuscitation only for premium subscribers and the FOX + package in the FOX application, along with those who want to overcome any release so far.


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