Friday , April 16 2021

They arrested a nightclub after a robbery in dependence on the Evangelical cathedral

The guardian of the offices of Pentecostal Methodist Church who suffered a robbery in the early hours of this Friday, was arrested by Carabineros.

Man of 72 years old was originally contacted, The declaration was made and it was in the quality of arrested after collecting images of security cameras in which to see it opens the door of the thieves.

In a robbery filmed in the offices that are located a block of the church known as Jotabeche, they are subtracted 12 computers and documents that were safe.

The event happened while Eduardo Duran, The bishop of the said church is investigated by the court for money laundering.

Duran was fired this week, in the midst of reviewing the use of church money and also by deciding that he intends to marry his lover.

The former bishop Duran arrived at the site last afternoon and left the building at around 6 am. with police escort and without issuing statements.

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