Monday , October 25 2021

These are the traffic teeth for the Paris Parade 2018 National


The realization of the new Paris parade by Alameda will cause a series of cuts and transitions in the course of transit.

Between 16: 00-22: 00 vehicles can not circulate along Santiago's main avenue between Manuel Rodriguez and Plaza Italia.

"From 16:00 on Sunday there will be a total reduction of Alameda to Manuel Rodriguez. There are alternatives for Kurico and Santa Isabel for those who want to go down either to the east or west of the capital, "said Marabela Gonzalez, commander of the traffic and roads prefecture of Karabineros.

Carabineros also has a plan to deal with thousands of people arriving in Alameda to see the parade. One of the main measures is the distribution of wristbands to capture children's contact information so that if they are lost, they can easily be found.

Bracelets will be delivered to Plaza Bakedano, in front of the Miraflores con la Alameda, in Alameda with Teatinos and in Alameda with Serrano.

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