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These are the best video games since 2018, according to the Hatka Mexico team

2018 was very important for us and therefore we decided to make some compilations of the best products of the year. Our editorial team shared their opinions to decide at that time what were the best smartphones, television series and movies we enjoyed in the last 12 months.

Now it will be the end of video games where you can see the difference in tastes when taking control. Each editor decided to mention his favorite video game of the year, as well as to make an honored memory of that title that stole our hearts.

Rodrigo Garrido: God of War

God of War 2018

We're starting with Big boss, our editorial coordinator who repeats the love she has for the franchise "God of War", his hobby is so big that his dog is called Kratos:

God of War is one of the biggest risks Sony has taken in recent years. Reinvention of the franchise that has been dedicated to focus on the action for six titles, and how long it has been decided for an impeccable narrative, along with a refined play and a wonderful visual part.

The god of war is not only the best game of the year, because it stands out in one of its parts, but because the whole is almost perfect.


As an honorable memorial, he decided to go to the Capcom phenomenon that finally reached the next generations of consoles, we talked about new "monster hunter".

The Monster Hunter saga has a solid foundation for users who have found grinding and have joined their friends to hunt the beast as something fun. The formula had a huge success on the Japanese market, but could never conquer the rest of the world. However, "Monster Hunter World" has shown that the combination of this addictive game, along with an impeccable technical part and a film story, can also capture the West.

I've always said that your favorite game is defined and how many hours you have invested. And more than 250 hours of invested in the Monster Hunter World ranked second in my favorites in 2018.

Oscar Steve: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch 323703

Steve, the "all-rounder" team decided to return to Nintendo with Switch and He met with love at first glance with "Smash Bros.":

The title of "the most ambitious crossover in history" will not be for Avengers, but for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Minimal changes in play, some scenarios and loss of available characters are needed to turn the classic into the final version.

The sales decline for Nintendo can not be particularly appealing to the new audience, but it's not that the fantasy Smash Bros is quite small. The issue that is currently harmless, but which will ultimately appear: what's next for the franchise after this?

FIFA 19 Background 1

Our friend is a person with simple tastes and decided that his dependence on FIFA reached another level with the delivery of 2018:

For several years now, there has been a constant demand that the rebuilding of FIFA's new releases ceases to be just aesthetic. Visual aspects and game modes have changed in every generation, but in such a moderate way it has become more difficult to justify the purchase of a new FIFA yearly.

FIFA 19 still has minor changes in the player's performance and field skills, but instead implements alternatives to the classic toy regime that set a new road a bit further away from the conventional game.

Adjustable rules, groups of three or five games for two players, games with elements that are eliminated from the goal, and even matches where it is almost, is part of the new FIFA offer, incorporations that distinguish FIFA 19 from the previous version , as did any other edition of the saga.

Antonio Kahun: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


No doubt, Mexican Hataka's friendly face, he also decided to return to Nintendo after hundreds of hours devoted to Pokémon in his youth. "Smash Bros" was the return to that era of "lazy" that he even decided to buy his Gamecube controls to play as it should:

I've never been a video game player, more than just a few Gears or Halo very sporadic. I have always been more than Nintendo, with N64 in my existence as the only console. The switch has meant a "definitive" return to the world of video games, and therefore two of the most important Nintendo franchises are my games in the year, mostly because they are the reason why I originally bought my console.

Smash Bros. Ultimate: Even before I knew about its official publication, I was sure to see it. Back retas with old friends of childhood, now online even, in addition to new challengers have joined the arena, and digital with new characters and in real life, my sister practices every day to beat me (and he has achieved it).

For such things, more than graphics, games, characters and so on, is that Smash Bros. Ultimate is for me the game of the year.

Tony is unique and in his honorary mention decided to set up "The Legend of Zelda: Breathing Wildlife," the title I dedicate for more than 100 hours. Unfortunately after the opening of your heart, we remind you that it was a game since 2017, but we decided to save the following sentence worth:

Then, with the switch and the ability to play a brand new Zelda, the decision was not so difficult to do. Unlike Smash who survived memories of my childhood with friends, BotW only revived memories, supplementing the nostalgic experience.

Martin Pacheco: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 achieves the biggest weekend to open in Xsnf

Rockstar is a studio that distinguishes its name and releases its titles at a time when it considers it necessary. That's why, five years have passed since "Grand Theft Auto V" appeared another new title, and "Red Dead Redemption 2" was able to meet with retaliation.

We face a real open world, it does not put the conspiracy in 1899, where the Wild West began, and our protagonist will be Arthur Morgan, a member of a group that will be forced to flee from the start with the hope of a new home and begin. We are completely in the world of cowboys, where we can make from the basics how to drink in a canteen, until we rob a train while we jump from our horse in motion.

Every mission, conversation or landscape is a completely different adventure, we will be unique to dictate rules on how to play the title. It's a visual show, in short it's one of the games that absorbs you from the first moment.

Strange man of the spider Ps4 318443

And for my honest mention, I have the exclusive adventure of Spider-Man on PlayStation:

Initially, it was inevitable to compare with Batman's Arkham batting saga after seeing his first moments of play, but over time we managed to see the hand of Insomniac Games, a studio that perfectly fit into the personality of character A fun a game that broke the mold and introduced a mature Spider-Man who had to face his toughest moment.

From start to finish we found a fun game with controls that are very easy to use, but which are developed to achieve higher results. No doubt, it is a title that calls us from the very beginning to complete it completely for different collector items and with a "simple" platinum trophy to get us because it will not take us more than 40 hours.

What were the most beautiful games in 2018?

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