Friday , July 30 2021

The Yuan will continue to grow in 2019

This property in the resort had superior performances, as the pound and euro faced the winds against Brexit and the budget crisis in Italy.

The yen is expected to finish the year as the biggest winner against the dollar among major currencies, as investors sought security for the uncertainties of 2018.

The advantage of the resort had superior performance, as the pounds and the euro faced the winds against Brexit and the budget crisis in Italy, while the commercial war between the United States and China and the fall in oil prices on peers related to goods, such as the Canadian dollar . The yen rose by more than 2% in the year to 110.04 yuan to the dollar in London on Monday. Meanwhile, the share of the Japanese currency in global reserves rose to 5% in the third quarter, the highest in 16 years.

If the wind continues in 2019, the yen could "beat the default" to face a fourth year in its annual earnings relative to the dollar, said Shahab Jalinus, global head of the currency trading strategy at Credit Suisse Group AG.

"The news in Japan was less negative than in other places, at least in terms of initial expectations, during 2018," said Yelinos in a telephone interview. "And this allowed the yen to play the role of a kind of safe asset for a year generally negative for risky assets."

This year, the yen rose amid weakness of the dollar from the start, but returned those gains after the dollar changed things in April. After touching the weakest level of the year against the dollar in October, the yen progressed in December due to the changing capital markets.

In the absence of factors that can inspire investor confidence in risky assets and global growth in 2019, Jalenoes expects the yen to remain a favorite. The average forecast for the Bloomberg poll predicts a yen's strengthening at around $ 109 per dollar by the end of 2019.

However, Marvin Bart, of Barclays Plc, said the Japanese currency could get even more, at 107 yen per dollar by the end of 2019. The yen's advancement next year will come when investors are concentrating on the dollar's risk and seeking sources of diversification in the Japanese currency, he said.

"The yen is underestimated from the long-term historical perspective," Barclay's telephone interview, head of research on macro and research in emerging markets, said in a telephone interview. The forecast of 107 is not "a big appreciation in the yen, but it goes beyond other currencies".

Jingyi Pan, a Singapore-based market strategist at IG Asia Pte, echoes the predictions of a stronger yen in 2019.

"With a variety of concerns that involves uncertainty about the prospect of growth that is expected to continue, trafficking in shelters can remain in the favor," he said. "A possible pause for the Fed's current growth cycle can see the yield differentials that help the yen in the next phase, something that was absent in the last two years."

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