Monday , September 20 2021

The Warner Channel represents the crossover Elsevolds in December

In December, the Warner Channel portrays the crossover Elsevolds, a series of three episodes where Bari Allen, Oliver Quinn and Kara Dunvers must put their combat suits, share their best tricks and combine their talents to defeat dangerous enemies . The inevitable meeting of lightning fast palladines, arcs and arrows, and power that has never been seen in man, continued on Thursday, December 20, from midnight.

The danger will haunt the city, but this time it will not be Central City, Starling City or the National City. The call will come from nothing less than Gotham City (Gotham City), where the protagonists of the Blitz, the arrow and Supergirl They will face new threats in three episodes filled with rage and action, in which the fastest man in the world and a t-shirt could be forced to exchange their costumes and roles. In the stories of DC Stripes, Elsevolds is a resource used for those stories that develop beyond the continuity of the multi-superhero.

Crossover, which will be broadcast in continuous episodes of Blitz, the arrow and Supergirl, there will be a novelty appearance of Batwoman and its presence will be a preview of the series to be released soon. The actress, whose name in the series is Kate Kane, will play Ruby Rose, known for her performances in Orange is the new black, xXx: re-activated and Resident Evil: The Last Chapter.

In addition to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Oliver Quinn (Stephen Amel) and Kara Dunvers (Melissa Benoist), Elsevolds will take part in Superman (Tyler Hochlin), who already participated in the second season of Supergirl and this time will appear mysteriously in a full black suit. Kara's relative will be accompanied by his girlfriend Lois Lane, a role played by Elizabeth Toulok (Grimm). It will also be possible to re-see John Wesley Ship in the role of Flash of the Alternative World.

The threat from this trilogy of chapters will emerge from Arkan's criminal asylum, with the appearance of wicked doctor John Degan. The villain will play Jeremy Davies, known for his roles in "Lost and Justified". His character is a doctor from the luxurious house of Arkham and with so many strange creatures wandering around the place, it is very likely that Diggan is exhausted as his patients.

The monitor will be another of the new characters that will make their appearance. According to comics, it is an alien with infinite power and will be personified by Lamonica Garrett (The last ship, Assigned Survivor). Nora Freys, the wife of Victor Freis, the villainous Mr. Zarza, will play a leading role in these episodes, in the role of Cassandra Jean Amel, the real husband of Stephen Amel.

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