Tuesday , August 3 2021

The video show is accused of burning a woman in providence, walking with a suitcase along the street National

This Thursday was a video of a security camera showing the only defendants of the murder of a woman in Providence, Frank Pizaro, Passing the suitcase where the victim was, before it ignited.

Registration was one of the elements that helped you to find your identity, leading to his arrest, formalization of the crime of simple murder and preventive detention measure.

Although it is defense claims it is undeniable Because of mental problems, it was not accepted by the court.

"It seems he has a problem with mental pathology, but our research has determined that this is usual behavior in it to try to avoid responsibility in the cases, "said prosecutor Omar Merida.

Although the Prosecutor's Office explained that both the victim and the victimizer were not partners, they indicate that they are considering the possibility of sexual contact between the two. Also, they did not reject the crime of rape.

According to the investigation, Pizarro, 45, has repeatedly beaten the woman to cause a nasal fracture Then I would forfeit her.

Then he put his body in the suitcase, which led to Ernesto Prado Tagle, where he burned it.

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