Tuesday , July 27 2021

The UDI requires the Ethics Committee to apply the maximum sanction against Boric

Former presidential candidate Jose Antonio Cast led the deputy Gabriel Boric (R) to new controversy. The Republican Action Leader has released a video in which the MP receives T-shirt with Jaime Guzman's face with a shot in the head.

The registration corresponds to the interview given by Borisic in 2017. The driver gives his clothes, to which the alternate responds with laughter: "Good, hold on."

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Boric defended himself through Twitter, explaining that the gift "was quite a surprise and as a result, my reaction was not the right one, because I appreciated it to reject it. As I said before, I condemn his murder without any nuances"


UDI parliamentarians did not review their explanations and agreed to request a statement from the House Ethics Committee.

They require the application to be applied to Boric the maximum sentence corresponding to 15% of the diet and censorship in writing.

According to La Tercer, in a report submitted to the Ethics Committee, they confirm that "we are facing an evident copy of the deputy Boric, In connection with this cruel murder and its perpetrators, complicity admiration, which definitely supports and celebrates this crime that happened in democracy, and which denies it with a shameless and unacceptable political cynicism. "

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In the letter, they are looking for Boric "at least once in your political performance, accept a greedy attitude and declare what you think about Guzman's crime"

They also assure that their works do not coincide with their statements, allowing them to think "that their word has value as much as the Venezuelan currency. We demand consequence, masculinity and honesty for public opinion and this example."

Background presented by UDI

The arguments were asked to review the meeting that Boric and Maya Orsini (RD) visited last September with Ricardo Palma Salamanca, a fugitive from justice and asylum in France, to be one of those convicted of the death of Hajime Guzman.

Origin of the last controversy

In 2017, Gabriel Borkic was interviewed for a cycle of talks called "Disco", where the driver deepens with various public figures for the most important and influential record of their life.

At the end of the interview, the driver "Juan" gives Bohr, the shirt created in 2016 by Del Mall, located in Persa Bio Bio, explains La Tercerra.

Other creations in the store offer similar content with photos by Lucia Hiriart and Jose Antonio Cast.

More details about this news in the attached video.

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