Friday , July 30 2021

The tragic day of Magali and Rolando, the couple being the victim of an explosive on the street

"This is so strange to me as it is for all of you," said Gerardo Ramos, a Venezuelan citizen and friend of Magali Vale Britto, 48, on the front of the former Central Post, one of the victims of the reported explosive attack 11.45 am after a bus stop in Transantiao, in the Providencia municipality.

At the time of the incident, she was with her partner, Rolando Torres Pará, 48, born in Venezuela and nationalized Chilean, who was also injured. According to her eldest daughter, Hannah Torres, both of them came from the Ministry of Education, where they did documents for their other daughter.

"There was an envelope on the floor, and my mother told me:" Put it in the seat to look for the person you left there. "And he told me it exploded," said the young woman for 24 hours.

Relatives and friends, who most often learned about television, went to the second floor of the medical center, where Magali was recovering after an intervention because of her injuries.

According to the under-secretary for auxiliary networks, Lus Castillo, this procedure was "to remove the foreign body and perform surgical cleansing". In addition, he pointed out that the patient was "with a serious prognosis, but not life-threatening". The medical team expects to remain in hospital for the next three days.

Regarding Torres, he suggested that "there are wounds and multiple injuries in the forearms and small burns in the forearm, thighs and abdomen."

A transfer of about 500 meters separating the emergency location of the hospital explosion was done almost immediately. He came part of his closest circle. Both of them pointed, in addition, through the staff of the health service, that they would not give statements within a few days.

"I learned about the news. I knew Magali for 15 years and I was very scared. In the beginning, they said it was urgent, it was serious," Ramos said.

Near Caracas

Jorge, brother of Magali Vales, said she arrived in Chile last November, while her husband was in the country eight months earlier. "They came because of the situation they lived there," he explained.

They both lived in Los Teques, nearly 15 minutes from Caracas, in Venezuela.

He is working to reduce massages and work at a hardware store in Puduhuel, on Lo Lo Boza Street, a family member said.

Jorge Valeez learned of the incident through the news, as he withdrew his work permit in Immigration. "I saw Rolando, but I could not talk to him very much. My sister still has it. The operation is over, but she is still very sedated," she said shortly after surgery. "I am waiting to see if you let her see her talk to her because we are four brothers and the only one who is here is me," he added, clearly worried.

He consulted the fact that he was surprised: "We are in Chile, this is a peaceful country … and it's happening to us …". In addition, he assured that he could almost instantly contact his relatives in Venezuela. "I already told everyone, my brothers and my parents, now let's hope that we can talk to them," he concluded.

A At the time of the explosion, the couple returned from formality in the Ministry of Education.

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