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The Supreme Court ratified Isaac Heights's tax pardon for $ 2,800 million

In the midst of a family dispute in the court, the employer who risked being sentenced to pay $ 2,821 million, will not have to pay a peso in the cashier; after the Supreme Court gave him maximum benefit.

More complicated, this can partly define the relations in the family of Isaac Hays, a controller of the famous multiethnic chain that carry his last name. And whether the clan is fragmented and in the midst of a dispute between the father and the daughters in court.

Today, the TV series adds a new chapter. But one positive, at least for the founder of the chain of multi-shops, Isaac Heights, who scored a victory in the courts in front of the Treasury.

The Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of two appeals lodged by the State Defense Council on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service against the decision favored by Isaac Hates in 2011.

In that year, the multi-store related to the homonymous family made a series of acquisitions and investments that were required by taxpayers.

The taxpayer requested a payment of $ 1,264 million in 2011, a figure that, seven years later, increased as a result of taxes, adjustments, penalties and interest.

At that time, Isaac Heights risked being sentenced to pay $ 2,821 million. However, the highest court gave maximum benefit to the father of the clan and, finally, he will not have to pay.

Take a look at the Supreme Court's decision here.

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