Friday , April 16 2021

The supervisor opened an investigation into a wild fight in the classroom

On Competence of education has initiated, on its own initiative, an investigation into the video broadcasting of social networks, which shows a fierce battle between two girls in the classroom Andrés Bello Commercial School of the Coronel area.

On Zoning agent of supervisability in the Biobio region, Rodrigo Jevenes, confirmed on Cooperative that it was decided to open a procedure in light of the public connotation of the fact, without having an objection to the enterprise.

"We are processing the complaint, ex officio, to make the appropriate research of the educational institution and thus see what the protocols you will use, the measures that you will take with regard to these students"explained Yévenes.

"So far nothing (it is obtained from Lyceum itself), but Since it is a public connotation, we have the authority to bring this appeal ex officio"he said.

It was not because of bullying

On director of the institution, Olga Gutierrez, pointed out that all his students are "under 18 years old", and on a general level, "school vulnerability index exceeds 95 percent".

The main protagonist of the violent act "is a girl of school age who has full legal protection when she is underage," according to preliminary information. this particular situation would not have been generated by the issue of harassment, yes for a minor question, which (in any way) does not justify the way girls react, but give us some indications, "he said.

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