Saturday , May 8 2021

The successful customs auction collected $ 371 million

More than $ 371 million pesos managed to collect the last auction of the National Customs Service in Iquique, ranging from gold bullion to yoga-mats, clothes and socks.

Finance Minister Francisco Moreno described the activity as very positive and announced that 158 ​​pieces were awarded for a total amount of $ 371 million 754 thousand, while 38 were without bidders, 9 were rescued and 1 eliminated.

Golden Ingots

"The great attraction was the golden ingots we had seized in Arica in 2014 and it was possible to double the minimum price, because the one weighing 3 kg 753 grams had a minimum position of 45,877,000 dollars and was allocated in 75 million dollars, which must to add taxes and their final value is $ 100 million in fiscal benefits. "

The same thing happened with gold with a minimum value of 49.990.000 dollars and an auction of 80 million dollars, while the third party started with 45.912.000 dollars and it was awarded in 71 million dollars, which must be added VAT and other taxes.

The three pieces were auctioned by representatives of Comercial Paz SPA, who traveled from Santiago to compete for 24-carat ingots only.

The number continues to grow

At the 4 auctions held last year, the Customs managed to raise $ 1,168 million, while this year this figure increased to $ 1,546 million. "The auctions are the final phase of the work of the legal teams and the customs control, which after the detection, seizure and depreciation, ensure that the goods are auctioned to generate income for the benefit of the tax," said the financial authority

Iquique's IKEA Regional Director Denis Belltand Santos said "it was a very positive day because it was possible to auction a lot of goods that were in our warehouses in Arica, Iquique, Tokopila and Antofagasta, which will now re-enter the productive market generating immediate contribution to the treasury and, in turn, to different sectors of the economy where they will be occupied. " Among the series, asphalt storage containers were auctioned for values ​​ranging from $ 2.5 million to $ 4.2 million, boxes of Panamanian porcelain pallets for 494 thousand dollars, Isuzu bus for $ 1 million, a lifting machine of 138 dollars. a thousand and 14 yoga mats at $ 21,000.

Mazda RX8 for less than 600 thousand pesos

One of the happiest with the last auction of the year was Iquiqueño Julio Monrroy, who completed the car of Mazda RX8 in 580 thousand dollars. "It's the second time I came to the auction and I'm very happy. In the previous version I could not finish, and now I took a car with a good price, it's flawless."

Equally happy was Pedro Ragido Utreras after winning the Toyota Prada from 1997 for $ 1.4 million and "Hummer H26 2003" for $ 2.6 million, "that's the first time I came in and it's for business, although when I finished business should be happier "

One who was not very happy that trader Fernando Prieto, who 20 years ago went to these auctions, "we failed now, because the products that interest us a lot have risen and were inaccessible."

Happy Merchants

If trader Sergio Melelli appreciates the auctions because they are "a great measure" for returning money in favor of the fiscal, although in this case he considers that "they have collected a large part of the budget it carries."

A special case was the seller of empanadas and drinks Telmo Carillo, who settled on the outskirts of the auction and was interested in many who had six LED TVs and finished them. "These auctions are attractive, because I come to sell empanadas and I also take advantage of the finishing. I will use the TVs as a gift for Christmas. My family is wide."

Gustavo Allende, a 75-year-old merchant, advised "to be a mathematician and to get results to end up and not get excited. I finished 30 lots and they are suitable." Before being put up for an internship and having number 8. Now I have number 1, because everyone else has died. "

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