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The strict rules to be followed by the son of Prince Harry and Megan when they were born Society

If it was thought that a part of the royal family was something easy, the truth is that acting also includes a series of rules that can not be broken.

In fact, when the son of Prince Harry and Megan Mark is born, he must follow them in the letter.

These are some of them, according to BioBioChile:

1. They can use special blankets for their presentation in the public

When it is born, the baby must be wrapped in a separate blanket of GHHurt & Son, a luxury lace shawl factory located in Nottingham, England, for more than 100 years, a tradition begun by Queen Elizabeth II, who met Prince Carlos in 1948, wrapped in one of these natural blankets.

2. They must wear old clothes for their baptism

The ceremony must be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will use the water from the Jordan River for the ceremony, where it is believed that Jesus was baptized by St. John.

In addition, the baby should use the replica of the costume created by Queen Victoria for the baptism of his eldest daughter in 1841, since the original was used by about 60 children and due to the delicate condition, a replica was created in 2008.

Kensington Royal Instagram

Kensington Royal Instagram

3. Learn how to greet the audience accordingly

It is called Windsor greeting and it is simple to maintain the arm directly and subtly twisting the wrist without moving a hand. Despite this, sometimes Prince George and Princess Charlotte prefer to wave their hands like any other child.

4. They must learn at least one foreign language

In order to communicate with all of their official visits, it is essential that children become bilingual or polyglot and their training starts from an early age.

For example, Queen Elizabeth II speaks French, Prince Charles and Prince William speak six languages, and Prince Harry spoke Arabic during a speech in Dubai.

5. They must be accompanied by their bodyguards at any time

Since in May this year, a supporter of the terrorist group ISIS called on its followers to attack Prince George and the school he visited, security was doubled for children who can not go public without the protection of their children. bodyguards, who should even be outside their school.

6. Children should always wear shorts

According to William Hanson, protocol expert, Harpers Bazaar magazine, long trousers in small children are considered to be middle class.

"Long pants are for older boys and men, and shorts are one of those peaceful social bookmarks we have in England," explains the expert, who also guarantees that the right age for long-term changes is 8 years

7. They can not sit with their parents

Children should not only be able to occupy their cutlery, as according to Harpers Bazaar Australia, the ban on sitting with parents will remain until children learn the "art of polite conversation", in other words, until they know how to behave correctly on the table.

8. Do not have to fly with their parents

Children can not travel with their parents on the same plane if at least two of them are heirs to the Crown, a protocol established to protect the royal line in the event of a fatal accident.

Despite this, with the arrival of Princess Diana, this rule was interrupted because she managed to take her children with her even if she had months, and Kate Middleton and Prince William went with Prince George on his Australian tour and with Princess Charlotte on the trip in Canada.

9. Always be educated

Children should be an example to follow and always show their manners and speak properly, without jargon or popular phrases.

However, it should be noted that this is not always true, because at the wedding of Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate George and Charlotte stood in the tail of the bride's clothes, so her mother had to reproach them.

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