Saturday , May 15 2021

The Socialist Bank described it as "embarrassing" by raising HIV cases in the country

Socialist deputy Juan Luz Castro called on the government of Sebastian Pinera to double his efforts to reach Chile's health centers with rapid AIDS detection tests, after they introduced the world's figures to leave Chile, tenth in the ranking of countries with more HIV viruses.

"We are living a situation that is scandalous in our country, because in the ranking of the 10 countries with the highest rate of HIV growth, it means a national embarrassment for a policy that is unable to reach citizenship, young people or any sector, preventing the excessive increase in HIV for decades, "the parliamentary chairman, who heads the House Health Committee, said.

Castro added that "today, Chile can not afford to be in such a bad condition, that it has an uncontrolled epidemic and say it by its name; this epidemic does not have proper control because there are more than 25,000 people walking in the streets with HIV positive, we do not identify them and they do not even know they have the virus. "

"I want to make a call to the Government and the Ministry of Health to redouble their efforts to come up with their quick tests, not just half of Chile's communes, but also in all places where they are waiting for a quick test, and secondly, we achieve all the necessary and sufficient mechanisms for covering those already diagnosed have not passed halfway and we do not have to regret that people get sick because they did not attend in time because they do not know that they are infected "deputy of the O & M region; Higgins.

The Socialist added that "the other call is the family because people do not talk about it, there are children under 30 who have alternating, accidental or random sex, and because they believe they are free from the virus, they are not only infected with AIDS, but also of syphilis and gonorrhea, and this has increased dramatically in recent years. "

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