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the Santa Cruz stylist, Jorge Garcia, tells how to live with this disease –

The fashion stylist is talking about what it means to be a carrier of HIV in a society that he believes is full of stigma and discrimination

Christian Massoud

Hateful jams tried to put an end to patience. Time was passing, and fatigue did not disappear. He uncomfortably went to the medical center. It was not an allergy. It was something much worse. There were two times when the blood was drawn and was told that he did not have a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). But "luck" left him. Perhaps he did not think that unprotected sex could become a Russian roulette in which they put their lives in question.

That day the nurse quivered and her nervousness came from her skin. He looked at him. He swallowed it up and announced: "Positive." Fashion stylist Jorge Carlos Garcia Yaldine, better known as Chuck, wanted to cook it immediately. A small voice in his mind reported: "The world is not over". Yes, he himself said, it was not ready. But there was both before and after.

He and HIV He went home.

And that remained him. At least he tried to be. The virus was reported more. Now you know that it will be asymptomatic until it becomes an acquired immune system syndrome (AIDS). There you will lose weight, you will have fever, night sweats, and recurrent infections, which could end your life.

It's OK He follows his controls every six months and is not afraid of death. He has little doubt about who can infect him, but he will not crash into it. Why? That's the question. If nothing changes things. Having HIV – he insists – is not from another world, it's not abnormal, it's a disease that you must face.

Yesterday was marked World AIDS Day and called for reflection. He says that we must be responsible for this issue and that society must be informed. According to him, heterosexuals are carriers of the virus, more than homosexuals.

There was no flaw that believed that this evil was a divine punishment. And the sick were treated worse than leprosy. It is also alleged that carriers were only homosexuals. But we are no longer in the 20th century. Nothing is the same. It has been proven that HIV can affect all people, regardless of their sexual preferences, ethnicity and economic or social status. Science advanced. There are antiretroviral drugs that allow almost normal life. These can be found at the Cedvir Department of Surveillance and Reference Center for free.

While this "prehistoric" thought has changed, it remains latent in some chapters. Many still believe that only by hand-dealing, hugging or breathing with the same air with the affected face, there can be contagion. Jorge is an acid with those individuals who say "Huevada". And take out your nails.

Today you can have a quiet life, but with precautions. Jorge had to put a chain with a padlock so he could not control it. What will come out to worship, to stay, to drink alcohol, to have unprotected sex and eat fast food, do not go with him anymore.

He always wanted to practice, but he was not encouraged. After this terrifying episode, he went to the gym. The virus was the perfect excuse for starting the change, because before that it was messy and sitting. Now he gets worse at the abdominals and weights, takes care of his diet and controls sleep. "If a person does not care and leads a crazy life, the virus will develop," he says. That is why the mutation of HIV depends strictly on the carrier. He chose to love.

Take one capsule every day. And the dose is strong. Many times it causes nausea and dizziness, but has learned to live so. He knows that if his stomach is empty, there will be discomfort. He has HIV, not AIDS. It clarifies it because it's not the same.

He is the wrong place

He always believed that the stork was wrong. He should never have been born in the country of "contradictions". Canada or Australia would be good options, but could not choose. The day will come when he leaves Bolivia and searches for his place on Earth. For a moment, he must survive in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and try to be alone, without telling anyone how to dress, how to talk, how to eat, or who to have sex with.

It's not a rebellion. It's Jorge. From childhood he believed he was a free soul. They did not tell him. He just "arrived" in this world with that in the head. Although he grew up with his parents, he was always self-taught. Reina Yaldine and Juan Carlos Garcia worked all day, so they had to find one. Leaving the seat was never his plan.

Curiously my whispered whisper. She led him to be a researcher of life. "I'm so curious that I'm trying to give him every chance," he says. Since he was a child, he will catch the book and will not fire. I went to the school library and borrowed the classic stories of the tape. He drank from physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography, history … But, as he formed his critical awareness of things, he never ceased to be a child. He is 30 years old and he continues to read Little Red Riding Hood and Three Small Pigs, and he consumes what Disney and Pixar make up.

It does not make it immature. Just keeps on being Jorge. It's one thing when she wraps the Bear Bear in the bed to cry with Simba or Dambo, and another when she needs to sign an agreement with an apparel brand.

He and fashion

Her grandmother Aida Vargas gave her a little taste of rags. She loved, sewed, loaded and never stopped. I went to all the actions in the neighborhood. She was trying to try hard to go to the ventita. Jorge is born for fashion or maybe he was born to Jorge.

You do not dress fashion. Dress for him To have fun He has no favorite trendy magazine, but he reads Wood and El. He does not wear brand clothes because he prefers to buy clothes from Bolivian designer because he works in "mundillo" of good clothes in Bolivia. Her favorite creator is Claudia Mercado. "What you're looking for at the (used clothing store) Kumani does not go with me," he says. Nor is it the last cry of Paris. Many times the basic or your salad dress is enough.

You do not have an assigned budget for shopping in stores. You can not buy something for a month, but you can owe the next to your soul. She has many clothes in her closet, but she will always want more. It shares "clothes" of the French companies Goyard and Hermès. "I like luxurious brands, which really are luxury," which makes it clear.

Over time he became the official word to comment on the trends. This is because he knows about the industry and has long been working in this field. He has a good memory for some things, not for others. That capacity earned the word "encyclopedia of fashion".

He does not want to be called a producer, because he thinks it's not appropriate. The producer is dedicated to the full realization of the event and the stylist corrects the choice of clothes. That – for him – is the difference.

He wants to be in rags. You can do it all day if you want. But it's quick to get bored. He lives by his great passion and finds that Santa Cruze does not pay as it should be paid. People – according to him – are happy to get everything without investing a penny and when he already has money in his wallet he destroys it. The fact that their work is not well rewarded is another reason I want to leave the country.

He does not declare himself an admirer of a world famous and does not believe that there is a fashion guru. He is a follower of "women who dare to have fun with clothes" and Anne Delo Rousseau, an Italian fashion journalist who is a creative consultant and general editor of Vogue Japan.

He, cinema and television

As a stylist, he works side by side with Pablo Manzoni. It is a key part of Bolivia Fashion. He chooses clothes, sees his replay, writes texts … 10 years. And when you do not give freedom of combinations, turn on the TV and watch a movie, documentary, animated or animated. See Netflix, HBO and pirated channels. His favorite series is Westworld and enjoys the drama of Narkos and the Dynasty. And as soon as he follows the chapter, he is already publishing it on social networks. He has Facebook and Instagram. Chose to delete Snapchat.

The cinema is another of his hobbies. Eat from drama to comedy. If I had to tell you who's your director, I'll lean on Tim Burton. She has no actor selected, but the actress she adores is Emma Stone. He is one of those who demand the most controversial film or the one that has influenced the public. "One or two of them make me more like my childhood," he says. The latter remember most of the Thief's Thirst and a place in Silence.

It causes everything that enters the mind. Officially, he is not critical of cinema or television, because he has not studied it or fashion. He entered the state university and was trained as a financial engineer with specialty in business, but it was just for fulfilling life.

Soon he will do something "something" to show his title and get a job. In this way, people can believe in their talents. Those who know what is capable, approach him and set him up for fashion, movies, books, series and trips, because they believe in his criteria and in him.

He and sex

He did not have sex at an early age. He was 13 years old and could see his friends kissing, hugging or holding hands, but his body did not ask him to do the same. It was at 17 when his instinct woke up. Until that moment he could not say whether he was attracted to women or men, because he was not attracted by anything.

She had sex with another man and enjoyed it. "… that they do not come to me to say that you will make gays after rape, because if you like and continue to do it, that's because you are always gay," is what he believes. And he did not hide from people. "Just as there are heterosexuals, there are also homosexuals. It's a label that needs to be used in this society to understand people," he says.

After announcing a kiss between him and his courting on Facebook, the mother reproached him. He married and defended his taste. She now offers her support. And in front of all forecasts, even agrees with their partners. He did not live with his mother or father for 10 sources and admits he is not related to the family.

Use Grindr (a social network to get a partner) and you do not have to deny it. After falling in love and his idyll lasted for five years. Today he is strong and lonely: he will not be associated with any Bolivian or foreign citizen.

He and only he

He did not suffer from maltreatment. His school friends always knew he was gay. It measures 1.63 and is proud of its size. They say "Chuck" and that does not bother him. He loves him The nickname comes from a gossip girl.

"He is a character who loves fashion and at least pretends to be cold, manipulative and fashionista, when in the background he is gentle. I have even the original scarf of the brand he was wearing. It cost me a lot," he says.

That from his personality is a special part. People can believe that they are exocentric, hateful, upright, cold and bad, but they are nothing like that.

He is an atheist, but he respects people who believe in God. I do not mean death. He decided to live like this, to be Jorge Garcia. It will not change. And nobody needs to worry.


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