Friday , July 30 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is filtering into a photo and confirming several doubts

A hole in one.

There is not much left to make the Samsung Galaxy S10 officially unveiled. If things continue to occur as in previous years, they should not go beyond mid-March to know the new device.

But, we know how the world works on mobile devices and that today you can not keep any secret, the S10 leaked. Before we do, we cover the concepts, but this is a real image of the team.

He comes kindly from Evan Blas, our dear EvLeaks, which returns to the adventures and brings us gigantic leaks:

galaxy s10 leak

Yes, gentlemen, there is no notch (or notch), there is a hole in the screen and very few edges.

The picture corresponds to S10 "normal", because there will be five … yes, well read: five. One Lite, one on the photo, one "Plus" and two designed for 5G connectivity.

The latter will not be immediately available, like others, but will reach some markets by the end of the year.

Eye, the "Plus" model will have a larger hole on the screen, as it will have a dual front camera. Both will have three cameras behind, adding a wide angle to the familiar normal lens equation plus the telephoto lens from Samsung.

How do you like this solution to have a screen with fewer borders? Better or worse than almost all implemented in 2018?

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