Sunday , April 18 2021

The sad record of Ignacio Baeza to be the villain of "Pacto de Sangre"

In the TV series "Pacto de Sangre" on Channel 13 Trinidad Errazurig is a villain, but also most loved by viewers, the role of Ignatius Baeza.

But the recordings have been completed and the actress is far from being a small screen these days. However, he is recording an advertisement on Mother's Day for Mallplaza.

In this new intrusion, the actress tells Las Últimas Noticias that "I laughed in the camera for a long time, I spent eight months without smiling. " This, due to the intense character in the fiction of Channel 13, led her to sketch a smile only in the first chapters.

"Trinidad was a complex, more psychological work. I ended up super tired, but I did not exhaust the character, but the rhythm of the scenes because recorded 14 daily scenes with lots of text, in any case, the character fascinated me, "said the actress.

New TV series

Ignatie Baeza commented that she would like to return to work with her television partner on the night of Channel 13, Alvaro Espinoza. "We work well together. People love us and tell me on the street," Baeza said.

On her new projects, the actress said that in September she will begin filing a new series of heirs to "Rio Oscuro", next to debut on the Canal 13 screens.

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