Saturday , February 27 2021

The researchers identify a possible earthquake zone of more than 8 degrees

A group of researchers identified an area of ​​potential danger in which an earthquake of 8 degrees may occur.

They are about 200 kilometers to cover the coastal area of ​​the Valparaiso region and Cocimao to Villos. The zones create special attention because they are areas that are not affected by a large seismic event since July 1730.

The research was led by a geologist and an academic from the Department of Geophysics at the University of Concepción, Marko Moreno Svit. The team had two superficial contact zones between Nacka and South American plates before Valparaiso.

The studies included observations GPS and seismic stations, added to numerical models.

According to the slogan BioBioChile the areas in question will be blocked, that is, they are accumulates energy for the future teluric movement.

Svit explained that "when roughness between the plates is blocked, it accumulates the elastic energy that will be released in a major earthquake"

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