Tuesday , July 27 2021

The reason why Julian Elfenbein's wife does not go to Pasapalabra

The animator refused to participate.

Pasapalabra was one of the most prominent programs of this 2018, an example for that was Copihue de Oro and every time it was a trend in social networks.

One of the highest points in the space is the animation of Julian Elfenbein, who had a telephone conversation with "Very Good Morning", in the morning, where his wife Daniela Kirberg was invited.

One of the topics discussed during the interviews was why Daniela did not participate in the Pasapalabra because she also had a prominent year on television.

"We never invited her, because many times the team told me that Daniela went to Pasapalabra and said no, she can not go because she is my lady, so the problem she has is if she goes more miles, they will I say I transferred his answers to him in the house, "justified Julian.

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