Monday , January 25 2021

The prosecutor has requested pre-trial detention for Nicholas Lopez and presents new evidence

"The next Tuesday will continue this story. I am very calm," said film director Nicolas Lopez, charged with rape and sexual abuse, after leaving the formalization hearing that took place today at Osma Garda in Santiago. Before, when he entered the premises, the director insisted that he plead not guilty.
"I am absolutely innocent and I am coming to prove my innocence," he said, expressing "very confident" that he will not be given a pre-emptive jail against him.

In the case, the public ministry, as a precautionary measure, demanded the director's pre-emptive detention, after prosecutor Lawrence Parr told about four hours of the facts attributed to them.

Five testified before the judge, including two alleged violations. New tests, interviews and psychological reports were presented at the weekend.

Among the objects made available to the court was a torn jersey, most likely one of the victims. The commitment was found at the director's residence. In the same way, the daily diary of the victim was included.

"The hearing is in progress The only thing I can say is that there is no effect on the guarantees of the defendant Some diligence has been done in the last days The public ministry is called to investigate This evidence will be brought to the attention of the defense so that the counsel can welcomed her, "Prosecutor Parra said.

Surprising gestures

The new predecessors surprised Lopez, who constantly frowned, shook his head and looked back, where members of his family and friends supported him. Among them were his parents, his former partner in Sobras Producciones, Miguel Ascencio and actress Loretto Aravena, who arrived shortly before finishing the audience and welcomed the mother of the film with a big hug (she took part in the director's films like I'm not crazy) .

The translator, upon leaving the court, dismissed the comments about her support to the director. "I think it's good that complaints are made first through legal channels. I am doing that call, always done through legal channels," he said.

Lopez's envoy, Paulo Vial, has asked for a temporary dismissal of the defendant or a break in order to be able to study tests he did not previously know. The proposal was not accepted, but the minister agreed to resume the hearing next Tuesday, April 23, for the director's team to reconsider the new background.

After four hours of argument, Lopez was consulted on new appeals that would be brought against him. "It's a lie," he replied.

What are these possible complaints? Victim Lawyer Juan Pablo Hermosila said that "there are indeed a few cases that we evaluate, but I prefer not to refer them until we have the authority to formally present these testimonies or initiate legal action."

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