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The primary sexually transmitted dengue virus in Europe has been detected by a virus detected in Cuba

(EFE) .- The Ramón and Cajal de Madrid hospital is diagnosed in a non-residential area with a primary dengue area and a sexually transmitted transmission in Europe, as well as adolescent diarrhea. El País and confirmation of Efe la Dirección General de Salud Pública de la Comunidad de Madrid.

A final in September notifying El Ramón and Cajal of the Red De Vigilancia Epidemiológica de Dirección General de Salud Pública in the casinos of the hombres resident in the Madrid municipality.

Notice of casinos, the Directorate General of Salud Pública initiated an epidemiological investigation which results in the determination of an import casino (that is, prevention of infection in otorhinolysis) and otorhinolaryngology.

The primer casino notify us of a no-nonsense emergency in Spain within 45 days of starting the syndrome, transcending the casino.

Although there is a similar pattern between those in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, it is likely to be incubated, but only if you consider an import casino.

There is a similar habitat present in a similar area between the habitat via Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the incubation period.

Ambos casos have been confirmed by the Laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Microbiología del Salud Carlos III.

Con posterioridad, the probe entomológicas no detectaron presencia del mosquito vector of the enfermedad ni the residencia ni nununo los lugares de Comunidad de Madrid visitados por los dos hombres.

Los dos hombres montuvieres the sexual relations desprotegidas a primeros de septiembre, but it does not seem to exemplify semen that has positive results.

Genetic sequencing confirms that the virus is encoded in the tissues of the target and that it is currently circulating in Cuba, explicating the Sanidad Consulate in a mutually beneficial way.

Unless there is a potential for vectorial transmission, consider sexual intercourse that is potentially contagious.

The importation of this casino radios into the primer descends the probable sexual transmission of the virus in a single area in the presence of mosquito vectors

The importation of casino radios in the first generation of probable sexually transmitted viruses is transmitted within a zone of mosquito vectors, and the primary access to the sexes of homosexuals (HSH).

"In a casino, that is one of the most frequent and most epidemiologically relevant cases, but it is not the case that the derivation of this drug is likely to be considered by Sanidad.

Es el primer casino de sex autóctono en españa en españa y europe. There is no casino in the Cienta del Sur literature.

The virus is a common cause of a virus that is usually transmitted through a mosquito virus that is endemic to various parts of the Americas, South Asia and Africa.

The cadaver is clinically characterized by a generalized malfunction, fever, alertness, cabaret and a single eruption that extends beyond the cervix, the extremes and the extremes.


The equipo de 14ymedio This is despite having a serious period reflecting the real estate of Cuba. Gracias por acompañarnos en este largo camino. To invite you to the continent, for this very purpose 14ymedio. Juntos podemos seguir transform the periodismo en Cuba.

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