Sunday , May 16 2021

The Pokemon GO System PvP! will be 3 leagues with battles 3 vs 3

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Last Friday, November 30th Niantic Labs announced through a series of advances a new system to combat a player against a player that will reach the popular geosocial application of Pokemon GO! Two years after the premiere with the league system from a competitive level.

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Pokemon GO! this year added its new systems of friends and exchanges among coaches that expanded the possibilities and the diversification of its mechanics to regain the highest reach of the game and became re-positioned among applications with higher mobile revenues in 2018.

Just a few hours ago, the company shared more in advance for these new features that mentioned part of the operation in the game. It would be a special system of competitive leagues that will be divided according to the level of Pokémon that the players have, and aims to include the maximum number of players in this system.

Big League, Master League and Ultra League they will be the names that they themselves will carry and that they will limit the CP (The power of struggle, for its acronym in English), and it will start from 1500, it will climb to 2500 and will run, until there is a limit in each of them, respectively.

It should also be noted that battles as they advance in their ads will be limited to three against three battles. Each coach should specifically select a list of their three best creatures to participate in each match.

There is currently no official date for starting this new feature, but is expected to be introduced in the following update:

We also show you the most recent video on the application:


Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter Coverage

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