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The Plata River lived emotionally with its fans for the title of Copa Libertadores

River Plata there was an exciting day of celebration in front of more than 60,000 fans in Monumental stadium on Núñez, by getting the Cup of Libertadores before his "supremacy" Boca Juniors, last December 9 at "Santiago Bernabeu" from Madrid.

Celebrations were held only this week, because the blood group actors dispute Club World, which finished third, returning to Buenos Aires this afternoon.

The mass event started early for fans of the "millionaire" who had a chaotic entry into the sporting place, protected by the strong security of the Trans-Andean police, who tried to avoid incidents similar to those of November 24, when at the same stadium He had to suspends the final.

Already with the fans in the colossium, we just had to wait for the arrival of the team, which was held around 6:00 pm in the Argentine country, after which the team bus was transferred to the caravan of the stadium, arriving near 8:00 am

Already in the set, it is whispered with a presentation of each of the players, although in the value of the "applause" the winners were the captain Leonardo Ponzio and forward Gonzalo "Pete" Martinez, who also bid farewell to the Monumental, because in the next season he will play in the MLS.

Similarly, Jonathan Maidana and Lucas Pratto they were very applauded as well Ignacio Skoko, who did not play the final due to injury, but is one of the most beloved of the team, as well as two players who could not be in Colombia, Juan Fernando Quintero and Franco Armani.

Recognition for the architect of the title

Nenez was on fire, with all the fans cheering on their idols, although the architect of the struggle was missing, Marcelo Gallardo, coach of the team, when the stadium left, definitely collapsed due to recognition.

"Gamanos is the biggest dream of the final in the world. We will never forget it. You all deserve it", were the most prominent words of" Muneco ", which vowed in 2015, after winning the third Libertadores of the club, that they will" go more ", which" we finished with fulfillment. "

Already at the end of the ceremony there were two of the most powerful moments of the afternoon: the recreation of the ultimate goal of the title against Boca's part "Complaint" and the expected Olympic result on the court of "Antonio Vespuccio Liberty"

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