Friday , May 7 2021

The noble gesture of the Haitian community in Chile, who praised social networks – Telethon 2018 – 24 hours

The noble gesture of the Haitian community in Chile, praised for social networks

In the early hours of this Saturday, Haitian officials were present at the Telethon Tvn


Different Haiti traveled kilometers to find a new opportunity in Chile, despite the complications of the language difference, and this Saturday caused anger in the social networks after the contribution they gave as a community of Telethon.

The Haitian Ambassador's ambassador and the representative of Haitian organizations in Chile were in charge of publishing the amount they gathered.

In addition, the representatives pointed out that "We hope to participate for many more years and give a better contribution." "Almost the entire Haitian community here in Santiago is the one that contributed, from 50 pesos to 50 thousand pesos, it's all worth it, it's all worth it, "they say.

"How nice they have chosen the opportunity to be able to help, a community that comes in search of new opportunities for our country, with some compatriots, not all of them, who also abused them, who received expensive wages, we know about so many situations, but how wonderful it is to engage with Chilean children, said Karen Dognweiler, who seemed very excited about the gesture.

The amount recovered was 552,840 pesos and got applause who were listening through the Theater of Telethon.

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