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The next 5 triple A titles from Ubisoft will be cross-general

A few days ago Ubisoft Through its annual shareholder report, it will report a bad year for the company, assuming primary responsibility for Division 2, which did not meet the expectations of the company and Ghost Recon Intersect, who had a bad start and will try to fix it over time.

In the light of the information gathered from the report, Ubisoft He clarified that he would postpone the premieres of several of his games that were already dated, some only postponed for a month and others a little longer, in the report we could also realize that the French company has several more hidden titles there that will go the way between April 2020 and March 2021.

For this, Daniel Ahmadanalyst on Nico partners gathered information highlighted by the CEO of the company Yves Gilemoto, in which the executive explained that the next 5 triples And that Ubisoft will allocate for the fiscal year 2021 (April 2020 to March 2021), they will try to take advantage of the next generation of consoles.

Among those mentioned by the analyst are Watch Dogs: Legion, Six Quarantine Rainbows, Gods and Monsters and two unannounced games from Ubisoft, which will probably have an optimized version of Playstation 5 and Xbox ScarletHe also adds that there is a possibility that he might be treated similar to games that took advantage of, for example, Playstation 4 PRO and with just one update, the aforementioned will already be ready to play in the next generation with a higher rate of better frames and textures.

Within the next matches, especially those not announced, it is believed that Ubisoft you are preparing a new one Assassin & # 39; s Creed which may arrive in the fiscal year mentioned above.

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