Friday , April 16 2021

The new Valparaiso-Santiago project enters: does not include cargo transportation to San Antonio | National

The second project for a passenger train connecting Valparaiso and Santiago was admitted to concession system of the Ministry of Public Works this Friday The Initiative does not include the road to San Antonio for freight transport.

The new proposal, the FCC, Agusa and the Spanish company Talgo, think about a quick train on a road that passes from Estacion Mapaco to Valparaiso, passing through Til Till, Olmei, Limacce and Vijaya del Mar.

The project was qualified as "Another Alternative" by the Ministry of Public Works, which a few days ago omitted the portfolio of initiatives that will be offered this year's TVS proposal.

This new option was introduced a few weeks after the TVS, and according to Seremi de Ovras Pulikas de Valparaíso, Raúl Führer, as ministry evaluated it.

TVS proposes "fast train" tries to unite Valparaiso and Santiago in 39 minutes, with a four-station schedule: Valparaíso, Vína del Mar, the White House and Maipu in Santiago. It will also provide transport of cargo from San Antonio and Valparaiso to the capital.

The project was hampered over time, and even the president of the State Railway Company (EFE), Pedro Pablo Errazuridge, estimated that the value of time savings is not sufficient to inject the vast amount of resources that are needed.

The investment for the implementation of the TVS initiative will reach $ 2,000m, while in the case of the new bid value would be 500,000 dollars.

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