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The new Huawei Mate 20 Lite is considered the best ally for all types of users Magazine

When buying a new smartphone, most users look for two important features: speed and elegance, especially if its purpose is to be used as a working tool.

It is necessary for the mobile phone to have enough capacity to monitor the speed at which users are currently working: in constant use and with the input and output of information; Under this background, Huawei offers the market a new alternative to the high-performance smartphone, its new model Mate 20 Lite.

The future of mobile technology is concentrated in this smartphone, which has all the necessary features to transform into a sleek and intelligent companion day by day. But what exactly are each of them? We leave you a precise and accurate guide to the model with sufficient reasons to get it:

1. Equipped to achieve better performance

Huawei Mate 20 Lite is a smartphone that fits every person. Its Kirim 710 processor helps to maximize the performance of the device, while its Android 8 system allows the user to get constant support for the diverse activities of the mobile phone, both social as well as fun, and in general. Its 6.3-inch Full View FHD + screen has a large number of colors increased to 85%, making the user recreate natural and artificial tones much more vividly than any other smartphone. The binary symmetrical design of the cell gives a higher order of all the elements inside, with a nanometric luster on the edges. In addition, the user can find it in three colors: Sapphire Blue and Black.

2. A camera that fits in every scenario

It has 4 cameras, two front and two rear, AI with different effects for better performance in any scenario, either with low or very light and with greater perspective through the objects. Its double front cameras of 24 MP + 2 MP allow you to explore more photographic possibilities with deep fields. while your 24MP camera captures the image sharply, both together create an authentic back side effect. The beautification algorithm includes the results of a survey made for the users of the product, recognizing different sexes, colors, and skin types, among other things, which preserves the smallest details, compensating for facial light and perfecting the white balance of the skin the script. His panoramic shots perfectly retain the color and are backlit, as the mobile phone has undergone tests by identifying 500 scenarios in 22 categories to provide greater clarity, saturation, brightness and more in each. Additionally, the camera for smartphones throws group or individual photos using their AIs that are perfectly united between the subject (s) and the background (s). Finally, there is HDR real-time recording which helps to emphasize even the darkest scenarios.

3. Entertaining features that will accompany your day to day

In addition to the camera, the Huawei Mate 20 Lite has a compatible range of features for itself, such as filters, color capture, shape, wallpaper, among others. All of this, without mentioning your Qmoji 3D, where users can customize their emotions to share them as GIFs or videos with their friends through social networks or instant messaging. A smartphone can be unlocked by using facial recognition settings thanks to AI technology, as well as by activating the user's fingerprint, making life easier for the user and more comfortable.

With so many versatile and many excellent features, there is no doubt that the Huawei Mate 20 Lite is suitable for all types of users, providing a great technology experience that stays with them throughout the day. (P)

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