Monday , August 2 2021

The new horizons flew over the farthest celestial body that visited the ship

Probe New Horizons sent by NASA in space reached the farthest celestial body that was transmitted in history.

This was confirmed by the NASA administrator, Jim Briden, confirmed the realization of New Horizons via its Twitter account.

"Verified! New horizons flew over the farthest object ever visited by a spaceship. Congratulations to the team, to John Hopkins and the Southwest Research Institute to re-create history! "He wrote.

Ultima Thule, which is about 6,400 million kilometers from Earth, is an example of the past of the universe.

This overflight is the first exploration near the object of Kuiper belt, which is the end of our solar system.

This heavenly body is so far from Earth that orders are sent 6 hours and 8 minutes to arrive.

To the left, images captured by Ultima Tule. On the right side, the play that reveals the form that this heavenly body will have.

New horizons have already made an important finding, then will fly over Pluto in 2015 and send unseen images.

Since 2006, when the spacecraft was sent into outer space, New Horizons traveled through the universe, in order to get to Pluto, which lasted 9 and a half years.

In 2016 his stay continued, so we can visit this celestial body in the Kuiper Belt.

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