Thursday , April 22 2021

The new filtration reveals the strategy and specifications of Microsoft with Xbox Scarlett

After the discovery of the Playstation 5, many were wondering if Microsoft could handle the power that was granted to the Sony console. The reality is that there is no real effective power, but insiders have already answered that the Xbox Anaconda project aims to be more powerful. This is where the debate about Microsoft's strategy stems. A strategy around Xbox Scarlett, which will combine two hardware devices to cover a more diverse and affordable future. One Filtration exposes Microsoft's strategy and specifications with Xbox Scarlett, which indicates a complete generation jump.

Xbox Scarlett It will be a strategy to give brand value, offering two hardware for different user profiles. Xbox Lockhart will be the hardware booted to give access from a cheap way to the next generation, Xbox Anaconda, for those who they seek power. So that we can summarize the image you posted @klobrille on Twitter, and it exposes, and hardware.

According to this picture, the two consoles will offer a generation jump, including specifications that were properly hidden. In a way, it seems to have tried to resolve doubts about its equivalence with the PS5, without showing specifications that reveal the reality around the hardware behind each one. Now, there are certain details that were seen. Both consoles will be compatible with Ray Tracing, it will have ultra-fast storage (1Tb NVME SSD) and they will be retrocompatible.

But what may be of interest is the description that it's done Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda, consoles from the Xbox Scarlett project. On Xbox Lockhart is the best value, is a hardware that tries to provide access to the next generation, which captures players from the first day to take the leap. On the other hand, Xbox Anaconda, which will again be the leader in the performance. Microsoft wants to continue using the slogan it claims to have the most powerful console on the market and it will be Xbox Anaconda.

In addition, the development of Dante, a development kit whose features coincide with the benefits of Anaconda and it seems to be a means of developing events that can expand their capabilities in other environments. Rebuscando in the network, this development kit has already been subject to previous rumors, where he more specifically specified his benefits. More or less follows the pre-leakage line of SoC of AMD Gonzalo. Do not panic about your memory, it's a development kit.

  • Processor: Customized AMD Zen 2 8C / 16T @ 3.2GHz

  • GPU: Custom AMD Navi @ 1475MHz

  • MEMORY: 48GB GDDR6 @ 672GB / s

  • STORAGE: SSD 4TB NVMe @ 3GB / s

All this it's still a rumor. For now, what seems to be materializing is more than Microsoft, if it is a generation jump that will have two hardware. The presentation of the PS5 was answered very clearly, especially those shades that were confirmed, with Ray Tracing Compatibility and ultra fast storage. Retrocompatibility with previous generations, in this case, was taken for granted. The question now, is to know what prices will go around those hardwares, where the accessibility of Lockhart would point to an affordable price and Anaconda could be more expensive than the PS5.

We'll have to wait the presentation, which will be held on E3 2019, although it has already been pointed out that you can have a presentation before the appointment in June. Too many theories, too much leaks and nothing specifically, will bring a few weeks full of leaks, speculation and rumors. The day will come when we know this Microsoft proposal for the next generation. Now is the time to analyze what this leak may have, including those plans that continue to support the current generation of Xbox One.

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