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The new character will join the MCU

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"Avengers: Endgame": A new character will join the MCU

With the advent of Avengers: Endgame Several things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will change, in addition to the potential release of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth with their superheroes, new characters will be introduced immediately after the third stage, and this obviously includes the Ethernet, whose film has already been confirmed, however, Perhaps in the very plot of Rousseau we got to know the new protagonists.

According to Jeremy Conrad from MCU Cosmic, Kevin Feige and the company is considering integrating the ranks of MCU until Black Night, known in Spanish as "black knight". He assures that they already know how to present him, and although he does not detail in which film they will do it, accompanies his publication with a picture of the Quantum Kingdom, which makes us think Endgame it could be a tape of his coming, because with the clues he gave us Marvel Studios, This small universe will have much to do with the superheroes that fight Thanos (Josh Brolin).

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The unknown is to find out which version of the Black Knight is what we will see, because there are four of them in the comic book. There are two, mainly, that the sound is ideal for Endgame. The first is the one of Dane Whitman, the direct descendant of the original and who succeeded the Ebonian sword; his story with trips to multiverses makes the candidate to be chosen, because the survivors will need a hand in this area. She even became a member of the Avengers at some point in the comic.

The second is the oversight version of Nathan Garrett, and that's what was said about the footage and arriving at a new threat worse than that of Thanos, makes us think that it must be a bad creature to which they relate. It is possible that this has to do with Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), because within the Quantum Kingdom it can be a black knight while seeking an exit.

Obviously all this is speculation, since nothing is officially confirmed for the character, and there is a possibility that, if true, does not appear inside Avengers: Endgame, but in some lanes from phase four to MCU. We will have to wait until next April 26, when the expected extension of Infinity War to discover whether Cabalero Negro joins a wide variety of Marvel characters in the cinema.

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