Sunday , August 1 2021

The most anticipated video games for 2019

The year is changing, news arrive, and gamers advance in celebration of some launches that will make them talk during 2019. Let's see the list of those with more expectations.


(For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Developed by Bioware and distributed by Electronic Arts, with a graphics engine Frostbite, it has a release date on February 22, 2019. Anthem it allows us to choose between four Havelins (arsenals or exoskeletons) that can also be changed among missions. Each exoskeleton will have different forces and specific abilities (weapons and powers to explore the distant planets and shoot the aliens that are passing you).

Kingdom of Hearts 3

(For PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Square Enix announced that this third installment of the saga will arrive on January 25 in Japan and on the 29th of the same month in the rest of the world. This will be the first franchise title to be posted on more than one platform (before each title goes only for each console). The game will display Sora's third adventure, which is accompanied by his friends Donald and silly through the worlds based on Disney's classic films that fight against the insensitive and incorruptible. This scenario is based on the world Toy Story, which marks Pixar's landing in the franchise.

Shenmue 3

(For PC, PlayStation 4)

With the start date of August 27, 2019, the saga's culmination comes Shenmue in 1999. With the Unreal Engine 4 engine in its development, Shenmue 3 is the revenge of the protagonist Rio Hazuki against killing his father, forcing the protagonist to leave his small town to catch the killer in Hong Kong. Martial arts, mysticism and drama already generate high expectations.

Tom Clancy: Section 2

(For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Action video game from Ubisoft Massive and the sequel to Division of Tom Clancy from 2016. It arrives with a launch scheduled for March 15, 2019 and with an improved and updated version of the Snowdrop graphics engine, which is used in the first Department. The government's operating team must maintain peace in post-apocalyptic Washington, when a civil war is in a phase. The strange disease, the disaster, the broken society and action with first-person shots promise good criticism.

The last of us: Part 2

(For PlayStation 4)

Fans are waiting for years to officially open the game. With cinematic colors, survivors of a world devastated by illness must continue their lives by evading all the clichés of the genre of zombie apocalypse. Teenage girl Eli, the protagonist of the previous delivery, is now a woman made and a right that must be handled in a brutal game and with a lot of violence. There is no specific date.

Harry Potter: Wizards unite

(For phones)

Creators of Pokemon Go they are coming back to make them with increased reality in mobile phones, although this time using the Harry Potter universe as a frame. So, players must find spells, hunt magical artifacts and find characters in different locations, which makes very little waiting for a wave of young people on the street. There is no specific date.

Skull and bones

(For Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4)

Ubisoft Singapore action game that revolves around maritime war and piracy. At sea, you can be a lone captain or lead a group to take over other ships from the storm. Textures and realism stand out in battles. There is no specific date.

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