Monday , August 2 2021

The man who died with a bullet in his head kept custody

At dawn Wednesday, a man with a bullet wound in the skull entered the La Serena hospital, which was abandoned in front of the health center by a group of unknown persons moving in a car that was not located until the closure of this edition.

The patient has wounds on a projectile in the occipital section behind the head, in diagnosing brain death. Despite the efforts of the medical staff in the health center, the patient's death was confirmed in the afternoon, around 12:30.

"We are investigating, looking at cameras to see if we can find a patent. We believe that the most likely thing is that it can be adapting to accounts, Major Juan Carlos Perez Suzuki

According to information given by Karabineros to El Dia, the deceased was identified as Pablo Caesar Olivares Rios, 31, who held a crime arrest arrest warrant, which supports the theory that the event will have to be done with previous quarrels.

In a conversation with the Gran Angular radio program Mistral (95.1 FM), Major Juan Carlos Perez Suzuki said: "We explore them, looking at the cameras to see if we can find a patent. We believe that it's likely that it can be adjusting the accounts, "dismissing in this sense the" appearance of robbery ".

If, from the PDP, they indicated that an agreement was reached between the detectives of the murder brigade, who "carry out research papers, both in the Serena hospital, as well as in other sectors, in order to determine the circumstances in which the shooting would have occurred" said Vice President Cristiano Lobos.

For his part, Sergio Galegilos, a hospital supervisor at the La Serena Hospital, told El Dia that the people with whom the deceased was not known who were immediately helped by specialists, but because of the seriousness of his injuries he lost his life in place . 6001i

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