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The man fell and discovered that his penis was becoming bone

63-year-old man goes to Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Emergency Service in the Bronx for severe pain in the left knee after the fall That visit revealed an unexpected and very rare disease.

The patient, with a history of alcoholism, was found healthy by doctors who examined him for a knee injury. However, the older adult told them that he felt discomfort in the penis he had a pelvic X-ray.

The results showed that the member turned to the bone and it looked sharp on x-rays. So strange is this pathology that was published in the magazine Urology Reports.

"Penile ossification, a rare condition, is associated with Peirone's disease. Oscillation is usually performed in the middle of the shaft of the penis with a few instances of the whole axis, as in this one"Says the study.

There are less than 40 cases in the world of this disease, consists of calcification of soft tissues. Hardened plaque reduces flexibility and causes distortion during erection, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

"Our patient had an acute phase of his illness due to pain in his penis," doctors said. Treatment depends on the degree of this condition and the patient's symptoms.

Unfortunately, the subject did not listen to the doctors and would not receive any treatment, so the pain and symptoms mentioned above would be worse and worse.

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