Monday , August 2 2021

The man dies at San Bernardo's house

In the early hours of this Thursday there was a fatal robbery in a house on the road Barranco de San Bernardo.

According to police information, at least two masked people They shot a 12-year-old boy who was on the outskirts of his home. After this, criminals take the victim inside the house and they meet there with the owner of the house, who tried to confront them in order to avoid theft.

At that time it was antisocial they fired at least five times against the man, which was taken from his family to the nearest health center in the municipality.

According to medical staff, the an individual entered the prison.

Different specialized units Carabineros have arrived on the site to carry out expert report in the area and analyze them ballistic evidence. Also, they found a mask who was using one of the criminals during the attack.

In addition, the area in which the events occurred left without electricity, so that security cameras installed at the site failed to record the criminals.

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