Friday , July 30 2021

The labor market closes the year as it started: Unemployment continues with debt and stands at 6.8% between September and November

The last day of 2018 arrived and the labor market failed to return to a bad year. According to INE, in the data from the National Employment Survey, the quarter from September to November was closed with an unemployment rate of 6.8%.

Although the figure fell below 7% barrier, the line marking much of the year, it stays above the level of 2017. 6.8% of the unemployment noted an increase of 0.3% compared to the same period of the previous year. last year. In the Metropolitan region, the vacancy rate rose to 7.3%.

The INE bulletin shows that this result stems from a 0.9% annual increase in the workforce, while employees will increase by 0.5% at the same time.

At national level, in comparison with gender, unemployment among women is about 7.3%, while for men it is 6.5%.

For twelve months, the unemployment rate has increased in nine regions, reduced to five and has not changed in Antofagasta. Regions most affected by unemployment are Antofagasta (8.2%), O & # 39; Higgins (8.2%) and Tarapaka (7.4%), although the metropolitan region monitors them carefully (7.3%). On the other hand, the lowest rates appear in the regions of Los Lagos (3.9%), Eisen (2.7%) and Magalani (2.7%).

Still …

Regarding the criticism mentioned by the Central Bank about the reality of the labor market that the INR expresses with figures, and especially with the methodology of extrapolation of research data, the newsletter provides a special reserve: INA itself Relativize your figures.

However, it is important to emphasize that the numbers that come from ENE (National Employment Survey) should be analyzed with caution, as the process leading to these results currently contains limitations that can be gradually eliminated only throughout the year. next months, "the document says.

In addition, he adds that "the impact of this situation on the value of the fundamental variables that the research is making is the existence of prejudices that affect them in the direction and size that can not be determined precisely at that time."

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