Saturday , April 17 2021

The judge Elgeta is formalized with refraction and unlawful enrichment

Emilio Elgeveta, the suspended minister of the city's appellate court, was formalized this Friday at the Rancagua Guarantee Court.

Prosecutors Sergio Mia and Christian Galdeems will formalize an investigation against a judge for the atrocities of evasion and unlawful enrichment.

After arriving in the yard of the OG Higgins' capital, Moya said that in this case "there will be several formalizations and several defendants" which will be requested at the end of this hearing.

The lawyer Blanca Reboledo, counsel for Elgeta, questions the competence of Judge Paz Reyes because he belongs to the Masonic Lodge, the same person who ousted the judge after knowing these facts.

The judge dismissed the petition he refers to there was no hearing by the Public Prosecutor's Office and that the request was untimely, a deadline for discussion of this situation has passed.

Then, Mya showed a series WhatsApp talks between Elgate and Dr. Luis Arenas, who filed an annulment complaint after being banned from selling drugs.

The defendant of Elgeta alludes to the complaint lodged by Prosecutor Moy against the persecution of Emiliano Arias in its arguments against the formalization, in addition to the request for nullity to consider the information as "false".

Mina did not allow her to file a lawsuit against Arias, as Reboledo assured him, pointing out that the case had always been examined by him and that two unconnected situations had been mixed together with He ruled that OG Higgins' regional prosecutor hiding the background of this case.

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